7243 Quad Wings Paw Patrol


Barcode: 841096407243

7243 Quad Wings Paw Patrol
Battery Powered

Made of Robust plastic with 1 electric motor powered by a 6 volts rechargeable battery.  (Charger included).  Accelerator and brake on the same pedal.

Let your child enjoy the excitement of being the driver of a quad bike.

The control of the steering handle of the Quad Wings is very similar to that of a common tricycle.  Only this time young drivers will be steering two front wheels instead of one.  This toy will help your child grow up to be a good driver.

Quad Wings is made of durable plastic, with safety precautions taken while constructing the product.

Age Group:   1 year +

Measurments :

Boxed ; 68 x 42.2 x 43cm

Assembled ; 66 x 50 x 47cm

Speed ; 2.5 km/h

Parent Guidance is always suggested.

There is nothing more precious for a parent than the safety and well being of a child.

As toy manufacturers and parents themselves, INJUSA know perfectly well whom their products are addressed to and what standards they should comply with. Providing fun and entertainment, promoting child development and the achievement of new skills, and above all, safeguarding the security of the ones we care for most.

For that reason, INJUSA makes sure that all their products conform to the strictest safety and quality tests, thereby guaranteeing that children who use their products are fully protected against hazards at all times, as if they were safety protected in their parents' arms.

The skills and craftmanship of their human resources team, plus the use of state-of-the-art technology are combined to offer all customers a complete range of quality products for children.

INJUSA commits itself to satisfy and protect its most important customers - none other than the children themselves.

All safety measurements were taken into consideration when this product was manufactured.