737 Wooden Tumbling Tower


Barcode: 590532325702

737 Wooden Tumbling Tower

We are presenting exciting, educational arcade game Jenga - wobble tower. This social game is adjusted for from 2 to 6 players and is a perfect way for common fun with the closest and also a pleasant way for spending free time by parents with children. A game Jenga through a fun will practise precision, concentration and dexterity of players. It will be also helpful in improving children interpersonal abilities, helping them successfully form and convey and intents to the others.

How to play in classic version of Jenga bricks? It is very simple! After folding a tower from elements included to the set, each of players in given sequence, pulls out any wooden brick and put it on the top of the tower. It is important to remember about being very careful - one bad movement and the tower will collapse, and then a defeat is guaranteed. 

There is also another variant of playing this game, with using the dices included to the set. Each player throw dices, sums the numbers and pulls out the brick designated with the number, which is chosen by dices. The same as in classic version, player has to put it on the top of the tower and give the dices to the second player.

 We are convinced that this offer of fantastic arcade-logical game will make that the time spent with friends and family will be spent in very funny, cheerful way and positive emotion will rise with every tier of Jenga bricks on the tower. 

The set consists of:

- 54 wooden bricks,

- 4 wooden dices.

Dimensions of packaging:

- 19 cm x 5,5 cm x 5,5 cm.