77974 Teddy Ride On


Barcode: 4810344077974

77974 Teddy Ride On

Teddy Ride on from the Polesie brand can become the first car of a child from 1 year old and is perfect as a gift for your first birthday. Kids, just starting to walk, can lean on a gurney, and older guys get behind the wheel.

The child’s car is presented in the shape of a bear, under the seat there is a compartment for small items or toys, a high back supports the baby while riding, there is a beep on the steering wheel that emits an audible signal when pressed, and the stable wheels have a smooth ride and overcome obstacles in their path.

Children's transport Polesie is made of durable plastic, lightweight material allows the child to easily carry the car or down the stairs. All elements are washed under water, do not have sharp edges, and persistent hypoallergenic paints were used when painting. 

Dimensions   37cm x 27cm x 56 cm.