80119 Microscope


Barcode: 692015032460

80119 Discovery Biological Microscope 

Digital Microscope Kit.

Learn all about  experimenting with micro object.
Discover what lies beyond the normal vision of the naked eye.

When the glass slides are inserted in their place under the lenses, you can watch objects much closer than ever by choosing the right lens out of the 3 provided. 

30 Piece Microscope Set

50x-100x, 200x-400x and 600x- 1200x magnifications.
Built in light for direct illumination.
Reflecting mirror for natural illumination.
Battery compartment ( Use 2 AA batteries not included ).
Top electric illumination.


Batteries (not included).

Included also:
A full colour booklet with instructions and fun science facts.

Age Group:  8 Years + Adult supervision required.