804832 Quack Quack Singer


Barcode: 128777016606

804832 Quack Quack Singer

This is wireless exciting toy.

The duck is a loud speaker . When it is on it lights up with beautiful colours changing while cute songs are playing.

Microphone with 10 keys.
Songs : Listen to children's songs ( 13 songs )
Volume + : To adjust the volume up
Volume - : To adjust the volume down
Next : This key to make you skip to the next song
Voice Converted :  To sing or speak in different mode ( your voice can be converted )
Karaoke : To sing into the microphone. 40 song accompaniments for choosing.
Hurrah : to listen to cheers, whistles and applause.
Light Key : To show the colourful light
Last : To skip to the previous song
Pause/ Play : To pause or play the broadcast song.

Requires : 3 AAA batteries for the microphone (not included) and 4 AA batteries for the duck (not included).

This is another plastic product under EU Regulations.

Colour may vary from illustration.

Age Group:  3 years +