808005 Jungle Animals


Barcode: 1287770181125

808005 Jungle Animals

Animal figurines are something that all children love - both small and large. They give unlimited play possibilities, which has a very positive effect on children's imaginations. A set consisting of a large number of elements will allow you to arrange a fun game that will certainly not end soon. The big advantage of the presented set is the possibility of simultaneous play with figures by several people - in the huge number of figures everyone will find something for themselves.

The figurines of animals included in the set reflect the real, realistic look to a great extent - all elements have been cast from a detailed form. The most important elements characteristic of a given species have been preserved in their construction. The pleasant color of the toys will encourage children to start playing, stimulating their eyesight. The animals included in the set will bring great joy to all nature lovers, as well as little ones who are curious about everything that surrounds them. Playing with these elements, the child will learn what individual animals look like and learn a lot about the world.

The set includes: Giraffe, Lion, Leopard, White Tiger