8443 Friction Drive Ambulance


Barcode: 5903802458329

Friction Drive Ambulance 1:16 Sound Lights

A medical ambulance is needed by every rescue team. It will probably be used by the little future paramedic and these will be the first steps in this profession. Your child will be able to play at rescuing people for hours.

The ambulance has opening doors in the cab and at the back of the vehicle, inside the ambulance equipment is perfectly reproduced. From the top it has a blue window, through which you can see the interior of the rescue vehicle. In addition, it has a friction drive, simply press down on the ground, pull back and release. Another advantage of the vehicle are the light and sound effects, pressing the button on the roof of the cab, you will hear the alarm signal, and thanks to the roosters no one will miss the vehicle.

Dimensions of the car:

26 cm x 9 cm x 13 cm

Dimensions of packaging:

32 cm x 19 cm x 11,5 cm

The toy is powered by 3 AG 13 batteries, which are included in the set. It is packed in a cardboard box. Due to its size it is suitable for all children over 3 years old.