8756 Timber Truck


Barcode: 4810344008756

8756 Timber Truck

Looking at the photos of the VOLVO toys from the Polesie company, one cannot resist the impression that they look like real trucks. In fact, these miniatures of popular construction vehicles are made of the highest quality materials. They are durable and safe during use. Extremely precise.

They will certainly bring a lot of joy to our children, and parents will not leave the feeling of money well spent. The VOLVO log truck is a large truck equipped with wide wheels connected by metal axles. Their structure is not smooth, which makes it easier to ride on uneven surfaces. 

On the semi-trailer there is a place for transporting logs, which is included in the set. A special, movable crane with a gripper has been placed on the vehicle, which allows the transport of logs from the car and onto the car. The driver's cabin is glazed. A thick, transparent plastic was used for this purpose. "

Package dimensions: 45 x 19 x 24 cm Age: 3+