905457 Gas Stove with Oven


Barcode: 1287770183990

905457  Gas Stove with Oven

  • Made of high quality plastic material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe for kids.
  • Edge polished smooth, not sharp, and does not harm your child's hands.
  • Simulation washing machine with soft lighting, it can enhance children’s intelligence, improve their hands-on ability and problem-solving ability.
  • Realistic shapes and bright colors can attract children's attention and cultivate their concentration.
  • Experiential scene learning to improve your baby's cognitive ability.
  • Immersive simulation props allow the baby to have a more comprehensive understanding of the world and satisfy the baby's different role plays.
  • Especially suitable for playing with other children, which can cultivate children's ability to collaborate and communicate with others.
  • It also good parent-child interactive toys, which can increase communication between parents and children, enhance parent-child relationship during play, and accompany children to spend a happy time.
  • Tips: Please use under adult supervision