12059 Rattle Ball


Barcode: 5904665997642

Rattle Ball in Different Colours for Babies

A fantastic toy for our little ones, the rattle in different colours will ideally help your baby's development. In the first months, your baby learns from the ground up, the sense of feeling, sight, begins to learn to grasp and learns the first shapes. The small, harmless toys will be perfect companions.

The rattle is easy to grasp and hold in baby's hands. Inside the ball is a rattling little ball. When playing with it, the toddler will focus his attention solely on it. The ball has rounded edges, so they are completely safe for the toddler. On each of the walls there is a hole in the shape of a geometric figure triangle, hexagon.

Dimensions of the ball:

9 cm in diameter

Package dimensions:

10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

The ball is designed for children over 0 months old. The toy is CE certified and complies with EN 71 and is packaged in a cardboard box with a transparent display window, making it suitable as a gift for your child.