97211 Giant Pile Up


Barcode: 841308297211

97211 Giantte

This is a 10th year pile-up set.
Uncluded also is a bucket with handle that can be used as a carrier or storage. 
The Bucket can be used also as a container for the shape sorting (shape sorter and shapes are included).

This game will provide children with hours of fun!

Packed in a beautifully coloured box.

Educational and Psychological Development features:
The varied colours encourage learning the recognition of shapes, improving logical association. Playing with this toy develops spatial awareness and manual dexterity.

Two Games in one.
Pile Up giant which can reach a height of 95 cm
The 4 shapes that are used in the shape sorting game have holes in them and they can be used as watering spouts.

10 Cups;
1 Bucket with handle;
1 Shape Sorter;
4 Shapes.

Age Group: 12 Months and up

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