9745 Table Soccer


Barcode: 5904204756815

Foosball Table Green stands Football Game 89 cm

Foosball is a timeless game, bring the excitement of a football pitch into your home! It's time to play at home, whoever scores the most goals will reach the final and win the House Cup! Every football fan must have one - no matter what age you are, just the desire to have fun!

The football game can start when 2 people take part in it - the more players, the more real and exciting the tournament will be. The rules of the game are simple - everyone chooses which team they belong to, stands on the correct side and... Goal! The handy knobs feel good in the hand, making the sticks easy for players to navigate. Green field stands like turf protect the pitch so the ball doesn't fall out of bounds. There is a sliding counter above each of the goals, making it easy to quickly count up points for both teams.

The robust material the toy is made of guarantees many years of use. Thanks to its properties, it is easy to keep clean, thanks to which the level of safety and hygiene of the game is high. The size of the playground makes it possible to play even in small rooms; you only need to spread it on a table, so it can become a permanent element of the decoration in your child's room.

Start competing and having fun !

The set includes:

- football pitch,

- 2 goalkeepers,

- 20 players,

- 2 balls.

Dimensions of the game table:

89 cm x 68 cm x 62 cm


62 cm

length of handle:

8 cm

Package dimensions:

94 cm x 44 cm x 11 cm

Weight with packaging:

11 kg

Weight without packaging:

9 kg

The foosball game is intended for all football enthusiasts above the age of 3. The foosball table has been made of certified materials and it is compliant with the valid EN71 standard. The table is packed in a large cardboard box, making it ideal as a gift.