9746 Billiard Table


Barcode: 5904204756822

Billiards Table Social Game Cues Balls

A pool table for our youngest. Super fun for the whole family, perfect for Sunday afternoons. The game develops logical thinking, planning and concentration skills. During the game, it perfectly develops orientation and eye-motor coordination, in addition, it shapes calmness and patience of each player. Apart from having fun, it also teaches healthy competition and develops the child on various levels.

The table will fit into any child's room, the height is adjusted to our youngest children. The playing surface is lined with green material, used for large pool table equivalents. The ball holes are fitted with nets.

Start the game, see who wins!

The set includes:

- tickets

- 2 cues

- cue ball triangle

- billiards table


- chalk

Dimensions of the set elements:

- total table dimensions: 76 cm x 41 cm x 58 cm

- playing surface -70 cm x 34 cm

- height of the table -58 cm

- diameter of the balls - 2,5 cm

- cue stick length- 61 cm

Package dimensions:

76 cm x 42 cm x 8 cm

The toy is designed for children over 3 years old. CE certified and complies with EN71 standard.