978605 Wooden Kitchen


Barcode: 1287770187462

978605 Wooden Kitchen

White and pink wood kitchen

Which girl doesn't like to play the role of parents or guardians making delicious dishes? Most toddlers take great pleasure in being helped by serving and pre-preparing the ingredients for their meals. Why not make the girl able to cook according to her own ideas , using safe imitations of kitchen utensils?

We present a girlish, white and pink stove , which was made of an environmentally friendly, durable material, which is wood. Using it in the construction of a toy significantly increases not only the durability and reliability of the toy, but also the comfort and safety of use for a few years old. The construction of the cooker is adapted to the height of average girls, thanks to which it guarantees light and pleasant fun with friends. Weaving it into the girl's everyday games will develop her imagination, independence, the ability to play roles and safe and hygienic handling of kitchen utensils .

Includes : Kitchen Sink - Microwave  Oven - Hob and Pots

Measures : 82cm x 90cm x 30cm