C1423 Scalextric Spark Plug - Formula E Race Set


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Barcode: 5055286686979

C1423 Scalextric Spark Plug - Formula E Race Set

Scalextric Spark Plug - Formula E Race Set. This is Scalextric, but not as you know it.

  • The Scalextric Spark Plug Formula E set can have up to 12 players – 2 drivers and a team of 5 additional pit crew. The pit crew can deploy power ups and are assigned an in-app pit crew position, including chief mechanic and lollipop. These players must effectively complete mini games as a team to successfully complete the pit crew challenge!

  • Team mode:
  • •Up to 12 players can compete in the race - connected via Wi-Fi
  • •Strap yourself in and play as the driver or pit your wits as part of the pit crew.
  • •Pitstops will be required throughout the race.
  • •Powerups will last 10 seconds.
  • •Multiple powerups will be available to deploy throughout the race.
  • •Virtual checkpoint progress will be displayed across all smart devices.
  • •First team to complete all checkpoints wins the race!

  • Pit Stops
  • •In-App pitstop mini-games will need to be completed by the team to execute the perfect pitstop.
  • •Additional pitstops will be required if you crash off the track too many times
  • •Assemble your crew consisting of tyre changers, mechanics, Lollipop man, fast charge crew.
  • •Car is disabled on track until the pitstop team completes all tasks.
  • •Live ‘on-screen' updates during the pitstop keeps the team informed of progress and pitstop strategy.

  • Powerups
  • •Pit crew are responsible for deploying powerups. Use teamwork and tactical strategy to use them effectively.
  • •‘Fanboost' powerup will give you a sustained power boost – use this wisely as there is only 1 per race.
  • •‘Attack Mode' will deploy a short sharp power surge onto the opposing team causing an inevitable crash! (5 per race)
  • •‘Speed Restrict' can be deployed without warning on opponents, causing a significant reduction in speed and stuttering ‘kangaroo' affect
  • •There is an infinite amount of powerups to be shared across the team.