Ducati Moto GP

Peg Perego

Barcode: 8005475357286

Ducati Moto GP
Battery Powered

Following on from the brilliant success of the Ducati Monster, the partnership between Ducati and Peg Perego continues with an exciting new product: the Ducati Moto GP, an accurate scale model of The Moto GP World Champion Bike.

Made of Robust plastic and metal with 2 electric motors powered by a 12volts rechargeable battery.  (Charger included). 

2 training wheels are also included to make mum and dad more happy.

The Ducati Moto GP features Hand grip accelerator, Push pedal brake, Front light, Horn and Engine sound effect. 2 AA size batteries (not included) are required for the horn.

Let your child enjoy the excitement of being the driver of the most beautifully styled Ducati motorcycle ever designed.

Driving this Ducati Moto GP is so much fun.  Having rubber thread on plastic wheels, plus front and rear shock absorbers makes riding smoother than the toy class can ever imagine.  But this is still a toy and for the young rider, this motorcycle comes complete with 2 training wheels which can be removed when driving confidence is gained by the child. 

This Ducati Moto GP is made of durable plastic and metal, with safety precautions taken while constructing the product.

Having 2 speed forward, the Ducati Moto GP is very strong and can move fast or slow as preferred by the driver.  The second speed can be de-activated by an adult and re-activated for safety reasons.  (Safety helmets are recommended for 2 wheel motorcycles)

Age Group:      3 - 8 years.

The size of the Ducati Mto Gp is  L=115cm x W=75cm x H=61cm

Made in Italy by PEG PEREGO.

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in observance of international safety standards

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