GNM22 Mario Kart Bowsers Fortress Track Set

Hot Wheels

Barcode: 887961873597

GNM22  Mario Kart Bowsers Fortress Track Set

  • Cool track set with double looping, head-to-head race track and a Bowser figure that prevents the Yoshi vehicle from winning.
  • Load and start the Mario Kart Die-Cast vehicles again and again to see who passes Bowser and reaches the flag first.
  • The Bowser figure is a great obstacle because children must use their skills and the right timing to get past it.
  • The Bowsers Fortress Track Set is the ideal addition to other Mario Kart playsets from Hot Wheels (all items sold separately)
  • Mario Kart fans will instantly recognise one of their favourite characters from the car racing video game with this Hot Wheels starter.
  • Dimensions : 8.6 x 45.7 x 35.6 centimetres