TS008B Telescope


Barcode: 3700802101598

TS008B Telescope

Buki Telescopic magical options, build the to get the best out of your stay.
A children's telescope with precise instructions (may not be in English) as you discover the space for can.

The Starry Sky, planets and the moon craters: so that you have finally you up close.

Also be used with day of the children's telescope for observation of animals in the wild.
Easy to assemble, get started right away. Optical Elements made of real glass.

A now at astronomers.
Lens: 76 mm (3 inches) in diameter and three interchangeable eyepieces (20, 12.5 mm and 4 mm).

Measures 76 cm and both tube and the tripod are metal. With many accessories including: 6 x 25 mm viewfinder and a 3x Barlow lens.

Ages :  8 years +