14105 Fortune Heroes


Barcode: 9213803514105

14105 Fortune Heroes

Fortune Heroes is an original, captivating, and intriguing game where you and your friends will embark on an epic quest that will test your endurance.

Navigate perilous trails, uncover forgotten treasures, and outmanoeuvre rival heroes in a world of mysticism and danger. With each hero wielding extraordinary powers and the impending Great Flood threatening to wash away all hope, destiny beckons. Will you rise above the tide and claim your rightful place among the Fortune Heroes?

Embrace the unknown. The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

• beautiful card illustrations and artwork in this original exciting game
• combine both skill and luck to create the best possible path without being washed away by The Great Flood
• ideal to be played with family or friends in a cosy atmosphere or even outdoors

72 trail cards, 72 playing cards, 6 treasure token cards, 6 hero cards, 6 hero pawns

2-6 players

Ages 7+