28181 Peppa Pig - My First Scooter


Barcode: 8001011281817

28181 Peppa Pig - My First Scooter

Design - beautiful scooter suitable for both a girl and a boy, with a design inspired by the famous cartoon.

Robust - the children's scooter is made of a steel frame, so it is very robust and impact-resistant

Adjustable handlebar: the handlebar of the scooter is adjustable from 59 to 64 cm

Non-slip footplate - The footplate is made of non-slip material and can support a weight of up to 20kg

PERFECT AS A GIFT - The accessories included with this scooter for kids, suitable for both a boy and a girl, also make it perfect as a gift: Christmas, birthday or any other party or special event will be an opportunity for gift giving and make your kids happy