681170 Domino


Barcode: 128777016830

681170 Domino

Children will have great fun creating a run with Terrific Domino Demolition, knocking over the first brick and sending the rest toppling over in a stunning sequence. After all, even more exciting than building things is being given free rein to demolish them!

The domino game comes with an impressive 120 domino pieces in a variety of vibrant colours. Children will have fantastic fun stacking the dominoes in bizarre sequences, such as intricate curves and extended straights. They’ll also delight in watching them collapse .

One of the coolest things about the toppling dominoes is that children can introduce their own obstacles to create some truly spectacular runs. For example, they could arrange the dominoes so they run up and down a stack of books, fall off a table or go through little arches made out of, say, two tins of soup and a chocolate bar.

Age :  3 years +